Joe Varga – “Robin Gibb”
Joe Varga was introduced to the world of music at the young age of 5 with a set of Drums bought from a local department store. From that point onward Joe started exploring music with Guitar, Bass, and Vocals. At the Age of 10, his father started taking him to see live concerts and his first major concert was funny enough The Bee Gees! Joe was intrigued about live music and was instantly hooked it was time to start a band. Meeting up with a couple of childhood school friends the music start to flow.Joe honed in on his craft playing bass and lead vocals to such bands as Beatles, Rush, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and the list goes on and on. From 1992 to 1997 Joe landed a Major Record Deal with his childhood friends under the name of “VARGA.” “VARGA” put out two CD’s and toured extensively in CANADA and the STATES. Currently Joe is performing the part of Robin Gibb in the Bee Gees Tribute Band “NIGHT FEVER” and has done so for almost 10 years now.

John Acosta – “Barry Gibb"
Artist/Songwriter/Producer John Acosta is recognized as a prolific and versatile songwriter and live performer. He portrays Barry Gibb in stage production “Night Fever” with a zest for detail, like no other.His career began as one half of pop duo AcostaRussell, becoming an EMI staff songwriter/producer having songs cuts on EMI/ARISTA’s Pop duo “SKY”. Their double Platinum “Piece of Paradise” LP included his hit single “All I Want”. He also had songs for: Popstars , Sugar Jones, Velvet Empire, Canadian Idol , Carol Welsman, George Lamond, and Eduardo del Prado for Warner Bros France. Recently he scored 2 song cuts plus production work on Japans Recording Pop Artist /Actor “Yamashito Tomahisa” debut ,”Oh Baby” on AZU’s BMG Japans records. John’s personal quote: “Play and write whatever you want, but make it count!”

Mathew Whale – “Maurice Gibb”
Mathew studied music at the Toronto Conservatory for five years. He has been a professional piano and keyboardist for over 20 years. Mathew has been performed in the musical productions to Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and Pink Floyd. He does a lot of studio session work and is rated as one of the best piano players in Canada.
The keys are a big part of the ABBA sound as he plays Benny in the musical production of Abbamania and plays Maurice in the Bee Gees production of Night Fever. Matthew’s vocals are also the big part of the show that reproduce the high harmonies of the Bee Gees.

“Night Fever” is the ultimate tribute to the Bee Gees, featuring the three Brothers Gibb, two backup singers, guitar, bass, drums, violins, and horns. With outstanding vocals and an all around amazing show, Night Fever performs over 25 of the Bee Gees hits including: “I Started a Joke”, “Night Fever”, “Jive Talking”, “How Deep is Your Love”, “You Should Be Dancing”, and “Staying Alive”.

For five decades – a time span more than any other group in pop history – the Bee Gees outwitted the international music scene with their incredible tenacity to remain current through all the eras of contemporary music. The close high harmonies of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb made the Bee Gees one of the most impossible attractions to launch a salute to…..until “Night Fever”. The vocal matchings of Night Fever’s John Acosta, Joe Varga and Carm Castiglione create an eerie sense of seeing the brothers Gibb in concert. Night Fever is an all-Canadian cast from Ontario, backed by professional studio musicians, that captures the sound and look of the Bee Gees.

Night Fever is also available as the three Bee Gees tribute artists performing to backing tracks only, and has also been scored and arranged for full symphony orchestra performing with arranger and conductor Ross Daly.


Also available as dual performance with
"AbbaMania," an Abba tribute concert!

Song List:
More Than A Woman
New York Mining Disaster 1941
Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)
Night Fever
Nights On Broadway
How Can I Mend A Broken Heart
How Deep Is Your Love
Run To Me
I Started A Joke
Stayin’ Alive
If I Can’t Have You
To Love Somebody
Islands In The Stream
Too Much Heaven
Jive Talkin’
Lonely Days
Love You Inside And Out
You Should Be Dancing
You Win Again


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