The King of Pop:

The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience

The KING OF POP live tribute show was formed to honor the show business legend who was arguably the best entertainer on the planet. Bobby Miller's performance as the KING OF POP gives anyone who wasn't fortunate enough to have witnessed one of Michael Jackson's live shows an indelible impression of the real experience. It was with this goal in mind that THE ULTIMATE MICHAEL JACKSON EXPERIENCE was created. Bobby Miller recreates some of the most memorable concert moments ever performed by the original artist as he becomes the ultimate Michael Jackson impersonator while being backed by some of the best musicians and dancers ever to tour the U.S. and abroad. He IS Michael Jackson!
Bobby has studied Michael Jackson his entire life and has performed as Jackson for decades. Miller has been awarded for his innate ability to embody and exude the spirit and styling of the King of Pop while onstage. Inspired by Jackson as a child, Miller has evolved from performing for family and tips in a bucket to gracing the main stage backed by a high energy band and a team of talented dancers. He has served as an opening act for many large entertainment events and as the main attraction on others. According to Miller, when the glove goes on, and it’s time to perform, he feels as if he is the “Real” Michael Jackson. Now that the King of Pop is no longer with us, Miller and The King of Pop Live Experience continues to honor Michael Jackson by giving fans a chance to experience the King of Pop Legacy through his performances.

Miller also performs as Prince. Click Here for more info.

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(same as Prince show)