The Magic of Lyn is a show for the ages — all ages, in fact. Infusing the spectacle and flash of Las Vegas into an enchanting, family-friendly event, Lyn's spellbinding illusions put audiences on the edge of their seats and in the palm of her hand.


It’s not just a magic show… It’s an experience.


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Lyn Dillies is America’s premier female illusionist for an undeniable reason: her captivating stage show is one for the ages – all ages, in fact. Infusing all the spectacle and flash of Vegas into an enchanting, family-friendly event, Lyn’s spellbinding illusions put standing-room-only audiences on the edge of their seats and in the palm of her hand. Playing venues as grand as New York’s Lincoln Center and as intimate as Hollywood’s legendary Magic Castle, Dillies dazzles, amazes and astounds with some of the most masterful, mind-blowing illusions in magic today.

But Dillies does more than just astonish and dazzle her fans. She leaves an indelible impression on everyone she performs for. Her passion is not just for her art, but in being an inspiration and making a difference in the countless lives she encounters.

As a venue coordinator/owner/manager, you are always looking to feature show-stopping entertainment. You can be sure that Lyn Dillies’ 90-minute extravaganza is unlike any other and never disappoints. It appeals to all generations and delivers an experience that defies the mind, stimulates the senses, warms the soul and leaves your audiences with something to talk about for years to come.
This is a production of the highest quality and value. It’s jam packed with jaw-dropping magic and audience participation but it’s also carefully balanced with beautiful lighting, choreography, humor, and exciting music as well. Because of Lyn’s unique brand and stature in the magic industry, she garners extensive media coverage. Tech is very easy for this amazing show as Lyn Dillies travels with an expert crew, her own truck and equipment that is easy to load in and out.

What Lyn Dillies performs isn’t just a magic show. It’s an experience, surpassing all expectations and one that your audience will thank you for.

Winner of the 2009 International Magician's Society Merlin Award for Female Illusionist of the Year and the 2013 Milbourne Christopher Award from the Society of American Magicians, Lyn has been entertaining magic lovers for years. She has appeared with Marvin Hamlisch, Crystal Gayle, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Julius LaRosa, Jeff Dunham and Bill Engvall, among other celebrities. From the grandeur of New York's Lincoln Center to Hollywood's Magic Castle, rave reviews accompany her powerful brand of mystery and illusion.

Her show THE MAGIC OF LYN, is jammed-packed with jaw-dropping illusions, enthralling music and of course, her enchanting personality.

Some of her illusions include Metamorphosis, Human Diffusion and Twister. From the grandeur of New York's Lincoln Center to the glitterama of Atlantic city and throughout the US and Canada, rave reviews follow every performance of her powerful brand of mystery and illusion.

Lyn also performs her show "Magic At The Symphony" live with symphonies all around the country including several performances at the Lincoln Center.
This program combines the majesty of classical music with Lyn's thrilling illusions encouraging children to discover the magic of classical music while experiencing the harmony of her illusions.
She created magic history by being the only illusionist before or since to make two live Asian elephants appear in succession. This incredible feat was accomplished outdoors, in front of an audience of her peers for the grand opening of the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, MA.
Lyn has recently created an award-winning DVD called "Learn Magic With Lyn." The program is designed for kids with a budding interest in magic, empowering to both boys and girls.

We were completely spellbound! Lyn stole our hears and captured our imagination.
Jenneth Webster, Lincoln Center, NYC

Entertaining, mystifying and dazzling! The show was extremely well received!
Numa C. Saisselin, CEO/Count Basie Theatre

We would like to thank you for your caring presence, your exquisite showmanship, and magnetism which everyone in the auditorium felt that evening!
Dr. Lee Engel, Delta Children’s Museum

Lyn Dillies has been astounding audiences throughout the United States and Canada for over 20 years.
She has been called the finest female magician in the land as well as one of America's top illusionists.
As a young girl Lyn was fascinated by magic. Her great-grandfather , Thomas Wyatt, was an amateur magician and member of the New Bedford Magic Wand Club, an organization she was to join in her early teens.
Growing up, she was inspired by the television series "The Magician," starring Bill Bixby, whose character captured criminals by way of magic.

Every week she would tune in to "The Magician" and study what she saw: the escapes, the adventures, the illusion of it all.
So she set out to capture a bit of fantasy for herself. She bought some pocket tricks, practiced a lot, then tried her hand at dazzling her family and friends.
They applauded her magical talents, and soon she found herself dreaming of bigger audiences and better illusions.
Lyn's parents have been very supportive in her career. In the early days, mom Loretta acted as a booking agent and wardrobe manager, while father Calvin built her first illusion.
They shared chauffeur duties and now marvel at their daughter's truck which carries her 7 ton show.



America’s Premier Female Illusionist Lyn Dillies is proud to introduce her children's show, "Your Vote Is Magic!"
This historic illusion has a passionate message: You Don’t Have To Be A Magician To Create Change, No Matter Who You Choose, Your Vote Is Magic





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