"An Evening With Mark Twain is a hilarious and insightful recreation of an actual lecture that the world famous humorist and author would have given during his highly-acclaimed world tour culminating in 1905,” reports RAA publicity coordinator Kathleen Bohman.

After having toured the U.S. and Canada for over 35 seasons with his brilliant theatrical tour-de-force, New York actor, Dr. Michael Mauldin, is now available for bookings in your theater. Undergoing a makeup transformation of almost three hours to achieve an uncanny likeness to the 70 year old "Grand Old Man of American Letters", Dr. Mauldin leaves each and every audience with the indelible impression that they have actually witnessed the Old Man himself.

In his customary white suit and ever-present cigar, Twain takes us through a fascinating panoply of uproarious comedy, biting social satire and often dark commentary of the human condition. It’s all seen through the eyes of a man who had been at the top of the literary and social spectrum for most of his life, and had reached the age and level of esteem where he felt free to say what was on his mind with almost no fear of censure.

The actor has carefully constructed the format of the show to include as many facets of Twain’s complex and varied personality as possible within his two-hour solo performance. With the combination of his published and unpublished novels, short stories, journal notes, autobiography and speeches, the experience proves to be exciting for the Twain aficionado and novice alike.

In addition to his numerous national tours, and countless appearances on university campuses across the country, Mauldin’s performance as Twain has been shown on PBS, and his show was adapted into a one-hour ABC special entitled “Mark Twain: Sketches from Life.”

“An Evening with Mark Twain” is an intimate portrait of one of America’s most beloved and controversial figures, and is a “must-see” theatrical event.

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