Presenters love Theatre A Go-Go's production of The Queen of Bingo! But you don't need to take our word for it. Below are a sample of quotes from just some of the many delighted presenters. And if you'd like to read the full letter as a PDF, just click on the thumbnail image to the left of the quotes.


"This show is a presenter's dream from start to finish! You continually kept us in the loop regarding every detail of the show. The uncomplicated stage set, lighting, and sound requirements were very much appreciated, and definitely factored in with our decision to book this show. Thank you again for a brilliant production."

–Monroe Arts Center

"This will be our biggest financial success of the season. With only 950 seats, we're constantly looking for the right size show, at the right price, to help us succeed. Queen of Bingo did just that."

–Southeast Missouri State University

"The show is charming, funny, and a crowd pleaser, much like its cast… Both shows sold very well and were well reviewed by our audience. We look forward to an opportunity to work with this group again."

–California Center for the Arts, Escondido

"Wow! I cannot put down on paper all of the wonderful comments I am hearing about your performance at the Fredonia Opera House this past weekend. By all accounts, The Queen of Bingo was one of the best shows to hit the Opera House in a long time!…You guys were a breeze to work with; we wish all our guest artists were as professional and as considerate as you."

–Fredonia Opera House

"I want you to know that your production of The Queen of Bingo was simply one of the funniest shows we've had at the Largo Cultural Center in a long time…Great box office returns to boot and many first time patrons at our theatre. I have no hesitation in recommending The Queen of Bingo to anyone!"

–Largo Cultural Center

"Outstanding…the audience loved it all…a presenter's dream. We sold out every performance… professional, wonderful and thoughtful performers that were easy to work with and helped promote the show; not technically heavy…easy load-in and easy load-out. This was down right fun!"

–Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

"The perfect show for Red Hatitude day. The ladies loved it–and so did the men. Your thorough advance work and positive attitude toward our staff and volunteers made presenting this production a low stress, high satisfaction experience."

–Pix Arts Council

"Our audience of all ages truly loved the show…The Queen of Bingo was the perfect show for our cold Wisconsin winters. And the audience loved the chance to play bingo, what an incredibly fun idea!"

–Al Ringling Theatre

"Absolutely enchanted the entire audience. The visual touches are hilarious…one of the most refreshing plays I have seen in a long time. I predict a great future for The Queen of Bingo."

–The Amazing Kreskin

"Our patrons were absolutely delighted with the show, and we have had a lot of very positive feedback. As a presenter, I would like to thank you for always being exceptionally easy to work with."

–Freed Center for the Performing Arts

"The audience just loved the show…you are very talented and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for filling the house with laugher."

–Eichelberger Performing Arts Center

"Our audiences were delighted. You were so timely with the promo material and so easy to work with."

–The Martin Theatre

"The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show and laughs were many. You have a real hit on your hands."

–The Warren Performing Arts Center

"The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show; howls of laughter filled the house…flawless and professional."

–Capitol Theatre

"The audience loved it. [The performers] were a delight to work with…provided us any information we needed in a timely fashion and kept in constant touch to make sure everything was in order."

–Cheboygan Area Arts Council

"The Queen of Bingo is a performing arts presenter's dream! The run was sold out. Theatre A Go-Go provided excellent art and publicity information."

–The Curtis Theatre