Siberian Virtuosi, the State Ensemble of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is an ensemble of 12 violinists and a pianist which is gaining in popularity both in Russia and throughout the rest of the world, with rave reviews following every performance. Founded in 1994 as the Virtuosi of Yakutia, the Ensemble has given over 1200 concerts during the last 17 years. They performed in 14 European and Asian countries, including France, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Germany, Israel, China and South Korea and in 2012 did their very first tours of both the United States and South American where they played to sold-out houses.

The name itself indicates that most of the program has a virtuoso character that involves a wide range of violin repertoire. The musical education the members of the Ensemble receive is based on traditional methods of violin training. That is why their repertoire highlights the classics from Bach and Vivaldi to Tchaikovsky and Khachaturian, the music that is very familiar to audiences around the world. At the same time, the Ensemble doesn’t limit itself to performing just the classical repertoire. With great pleasure they perform the contemporary music of Western and Russian composers, as well as special jazz and crossover arrangements written especially for them - giving the audience a complete musical experience.

Benny Goodman's ONLY clarinet student, Julian Milkis, is also available with the Ensamble.



Siberian Virtuosi
The State Ensemble of Sakha, Russia

The Ensemble has won numerous international awards, including an International Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, “Music Week of Tours” in France, Grand Prix in Cremona, Italy, Grand Prix in Hungary, and many others. They are often tour around the Russian Federation giving performances to full capacity audiences in major cities of the country. Their 20-concert American debut in 2012 was followed by sell out concerts in 6 South American countries, including Brazil, Argentine, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia.

The Siberian Virtuosi make frequent appearances on the radio and television stations across the Russian Federation. They are led by the Honored art worker of Russian Federation, Honored artist of the Republic of Sakha (Yakoutia), Professor Larisa Gabysheva, and Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation, and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Professor Stanislav Afanasenko.

For their cultural and artistic achievements in Russia and abroad, as well as for representing the State of Siberia, the Ensemble “Siberian Virtuosi” was rewarded with the highest honor of the State – the name of the State Ensemble of Violinists of the Republic of Yakutia.

The 2017-18 busy schedule of the Ensemble will include a return tour to South America and the Far East.

Highlights of the Ensemble’s major tours and concerts:

2016-17 Season – upcoming return tour to the United States
October/November 2016.

2015-16 Season – return to Israel and the United States.
2014-15 Season – the Ensemble performed concerts to
standing ovations on their debut tour to six countries in South
America: Argentine, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador,
2014 – The 20th season of the Ensemble started off with
highlighted tours to Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The Siberian
Virtuosi just finished their new CD. The Ensemble’s Artistic
Director, Larisa Gabyseva, received a big artistic award for
achievements in the arts that was presented by Vladimir Putin
at the Kremlin in Moscow last June.
2013 – The 10-concert tour to Vladivostok, and Khabarovsk
2012 – 20-concert tour of the United States; Debut tour of
2011 – Extensive touring throughout Russia
2010 –The Ensemble was chosen to represent Russian in the cultural program of the “EXPO 2010” in Shanghai.
2009- The 15-year anniversary of the Ensemble “ Siberian Virtuosi” was celebrated with 42 concerts in 28 cities.
2008- Germany became the 12th country to enthusiastically welcome the artistry of the Ensemble
2007- The Siberian Virtuosi performed throughout France and Italy
2006- Debut tours of Mongolia and China
2005- The Ensemble performed in Paris at the invitation of UNESCO in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the European Union
2004- The Ensemble’s 10 year anniversary tour to major Russian cities was broadcast in over 150 countries
2003 –Ensemble gave three solo concerts in Portugal(Qashqai and Lisbon).
2002- One month tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
2001-Four Concerts in London and Carlisle City(UK)

 What some presenters are saying:

“I’ve been in the music business for 46 years, I cannot recall any show that is as wonderful and spectacular than this one! Absolutely fabulous!
John Folin, Allied Concerts

“The performance was fabulous!!...many audience members told me that the performance was even better than I had led them to expect from the doing the radio interview! I agree! And it was the biggest crowd in several years.
Steve Lewis, Kearney, NE

“Fantastic! I have never seen our audience applaud so long and after each piece!
Kit Haddow, Grand Junction, CO

“People seemed mesmerized!!!!
Vi Ranney,Yankton, SD

“We received more great comments after this concert than any previous program.”
Grace Mueller, Sheboygan, WI

“This was one of the most amazing and fantastic concerts we have had. The audience was blown away! One of the best!”
Dan Schmal, Milwaukee, WI

“…superlative talent!...genuine ovations!”
Barbara McRoberts, Burlington, IA

Our audience loved Siberian Virtuosi.  They played an energetic, crowd-pleasing program, and were a big hit with everyone.  One of our most popular concerts of the season!
Dr. Paul Conn, Cleveland, TN

“Awesome program!!! I expected it to be good, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Everyting was first class! Fantastic! On a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 12! Never heard so much clapping before and after intermission. Bring them back!
Jen Rynier, Willow Street, PA

Recently Performed in Carnegie Hall:

F. HANDEL Dignare O Domine, Julian Milkis, soloist
J.S. BACH Toccata & Fugue in d-minor
P.I.TCHAIKOVSKY Magic Melodies from Tchaikovsky Ballets
A. PIAZZOLLA ‘Autumn’ from The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires
A. SHOR / O. ELDOR Last Gloomy Sunday, Julian Milkis, soloist
A. RAZAF / E. BLAKE Memories of You, Julian Milkis, soloist
G. KANCHELI Rag-Gidon-Time, Julian Milkis, soloist
A. SHOR Chicken Tarantella
G. GERSHWIN Promenade (Walking the Dog), Julian Milkis, soloist

J.S. BACH Air, Julian Milkis, soloist
G.A. ROSSINI Allegro from String Sonata No.3 in C major
A. SHOR Semi Canonical Great Fued
G. DIINICU Hora Staccato
G. ENESCU Excerpts from Romanian Rhapsody No.1
D. HYMAN Clarinata, Julian Milkis, soloist
B. GOODMAN A smo-o-oth one, Julian Milkis, soloist
A. PIAZZOLLA Oblivion, Julian Milkis, soloist
A. GOLDSTEIN In the Jewish mood (after Glen Miller), Julian Milkis, soloist
A. SHOR Don Tangoletto, Julian Milkis, soloist