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New York actor Michael Mauldin, as Mark Twain in his customary white suit and ever-present cigar, takes us through a fascinating panoply of uproarious comedy, gentle reminiscence, and biting social satire on the human condition–which is amazingly relevant to today's world. Mr. Mauldin delivers a powerfully humorous and unforgettable performance–a richly rewarding experience for the Twain aficionado and novice alike.


Audiences young and old will howl with laughter as two zany GUYS, playing two crazy GALS, light up the stage in the hit Off-Broadway comedy about Bingo, family bonds, widowhood, diet crazes, winning and losing and sibling rivalry. AND, one lucky audience member gets to take home a 10lb frozen turkey after winning the "Middle Bird Special" - a bingo game called by Father Mac and played by the entire audience just before intermission. A guaranteed great night out for bingo lovers everywhere!
MARK TWAIN AT-LARGE channels the seventy-plus year old Clemens one stormy night from his home called Stormfield in Connecticut. Racing in from the thunderous rains, Clemens (a.k.a. Twain) invites the audience, his imaginary captured guests, into his private study for an intimate face to face conversation filled with stories and anecdotes taken directly from the literary pages. Jewell’s performance is personable and touching, and delivered as if the humorist is telling the tall tales and yarns for the very first time. Then as quickly as they came, the rains stop, his guests are finally given an opportunity to escape, and the charismatic philosopher sends them out into the night. You’ll believe that you’ve actually spent the evening with the real McCoy. 


FABULOUS FANNY: The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice
Kimberly Faye Greenberg gives the audience a fresh, intimate look at Fanny Brice: actor, singer, and comedienne. With the popularity of her Fanny performances in the Off-Broadway solo show One Night with Fanny Brice and in Ghostlight (NYMF), Kimberly Faye Greenberg has now created an intimate new "Fanny Brice" solo show, Fabulous Fanny: The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice. Kimberly shares her extensive research not as another tribute, but to personally reveal Fanny's heart and humor, soul and song.

Shot “live on stage, on film.”  All of the action takes place on stage in a black box theatre with minimal scenery. Ben McKenzie gives a riveting tour-de-force performance as an American soldier hit by an artillery shell on the last day of World War I. The movie takes place in the mind of 'Joe Bonham', a quadruple amputee who has also lost his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Regaining consciousness, Joe discovers that while his brain is healthy and able to reason, the rest of his body is irreparably shattered, leaving him trapped forever within the confines of his own imagination. He struggles valiantly to find some way to communicate with the outside world. Tapping his head in Morse code, he breaks through and pleads with his caretakers to be put on display as a living example of the cost of war.

starring Carl Whidden

The most popular Christmas story in the world and your favorite Christmas characters, each and every one, come to life in a new and unique way. One (1) actor plays over thirty roles illuminating the insightful stories various themes and delivers an extraordinary performance with laughter, tears, dance, and song. Praised for its realism, mastery of prose, comic genius, and unique personalities, A Christmas present for your audiences, and a Christmas present for the entire family!