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This show takes you back to the disco era of one of the greatest pop bands in history, ABBA, and features nine incredible musicians and vocalists who perform 21 of ABBA's biggest hits in this stunning recreation of a real ABBA concert.




NIGHT FEVER: An Evening With The Bee Gees
"NIGHT FEVER" precisely recreates the harmonies of the Brothers Gibb that have made the Bee Gees one of the most impossible attractions to reproduce until now. It's just like having the real group on your stage!

  MARK TWAIN AT-LARGE channels the seventy-plus year old Clemens one stormy night from his home called Stormfield in Connecticut. Racing in from the thunderous rains, Clemens (a.k.a. Twain) invites the audience, his imaginary captured guests, into his private study for an intimate face to face conversation filled with stories and anecdotes taken directly from the literary pages. Jewell’s performance is personable and touching, and delivered as if the humorist is telling the tall tales and yarns for the very first time. Then as quickly as they came, the rains stop, his guests are finally given an opportunity to escape, and the charismatic philosopher sends them out into the night. You’ll believe that you’ve actually spent the evening with the real McCoy. 
Relive the incredible excitement of the most influential rock group in the history of pop music, when the #1 Beatles tribute act in the world, YESTERDAY, recreates the historic performances of the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, at The Hollywood Bowl and at Shea Stadium during their Magical Mystery Tour.
  THE LEGEND OF JOHNNY CASH Starring Philip Bauer
He walks an eerie line, bringing a legend back to life, and if you think he's just cashing in on another man's fame, you need to understand that Philip Bauer IS Johnny Cash.
When you hear him perform "Ring of Fire" you'll swear it's the man in black himself.

STAYIN' ALIVE: The Bee Gees Tribute
For over forty years The Bee Gees have been outwitting the international music scene with their incredible tenacity to remain current through all time spans of contemporary music.

FABULOUS FANNY: The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice
Kimberly Faye Greenberg gives the audience a fresh, intimate look at Fanny Brice: actor, singer, and comedienne. With the popularity of her Fanny performances in the Off-Broadway solo show One Night with Fanny Brice and in Ghostlight (NYMF), Kimberly Faye Greenberg has now created an intimate new "Fanny Brice" solo show, Fabulous Fanny: The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice. Kimberly shares her extensive research not as another tribute, but to personally reveal Fanny's heart and humor, soul and song.



Joan Belgrave is unique in her ability to capture the contributions of Dinah Washington to music in jazz, R&B, blues and pop. See and hear the Grammy-nominated vocalist bring the story of the jazz legend to life.

  BRIT BEAT: America's Premier Tribute to the Beatles
A theatrical recreation concert celebrating the greatest rock and roll group of all time, It is their look, their sound, their mannerisms, their accents, their costuming, their instrumentation and their vocal harmonies in the most authentic recreation that you will find. The show is produced to feature a live concert through the ascending Beatles eras of music including Ed Sullivan.

...is the ultimate celebration of one of the most widely beloved, and profoundly influential artists of all-time. Bobby Miller presents an electrifying performance as the original that can best be described as total high energy and a “must see” experience.

Bobby Miller recreates some of the most memorable concert moments ever performed by the original artist as he becomes the ultimate Michael Jackson impersonator while being backed by some of the best musicians and dancers ever to tour the U.S. and abroad
Philip Bauer and his band capture the sound and excitement of a live Neil Diamond concert.
His attention to detail as he recreates the charcter sets his show apart. This family show will bring back great memories as you sing along to Sweet Caroline, Brother Love, Song Sung Blue and many, many more!